Leather Pouch or Bag

Bigger belt pouches of various sizes, author Egge.

The participant can learn to ornament and sew leather while making a leather pouch. It is possible to teach both making a bigger and more difficult bag and easier, quicker and simpler pouch.

For beginners simpler pouch suits best. It is also possible to order a workshop where we teach only ornamenting leather.

Material for simpler pouch costs 5 euros.

The material for bigger belt pouch starts from 8 euros, depending on how big the bag is.

Material cost for shoulder bag is 18 euros.

Teaching fee depends on how far the locan is and also on your possibilities, it can be negotiated.

If you like, you can also buy a leather modelling tool for 5 euros.

Good lighting conditions and a table are essential.

Duration 2-4 hours for simpler bag and ornamentation. 5-8 hours for bigger belt pouch and shoulder bag. For the latter it is advisable to order 2-day course, because otherwise you’ll hurt your hands.

E-mail: agelinde@googlegroups.com

Mobile: +372 551 8048

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