Wax models for casting

Kaspar's kitty-earrings and their wax model.

Do you want to make brass earrings or a pendant with your own hands? We can make it possible! Please contact us if you want to order us for a group or read our news section.

In this workshop every participant can carve a pendant, earrings, ring, mini-sculpture or some other desirable item out of wax. It will be later cast from brass at Vanakaru’s Foundry. After that it will be polished and sent to you.

This workshop needs a table and chairs, a room where you can create a little mess and also electricity for soldering. Good lighting conditions are also important.

 Tools and materials are provided by us.

 Material and casting costs 10 euros for every participant.

Teaching fee is very flexible and negotiable.

Duration 3-4 hours.

E-mail: agelinde@googlegroups.com

Mobile phone: +372 551 8048

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