Nalbinding stich sample and a needle made of horn.

Nalbinding workshop

We teach an ancient technique that predates knitting and crochet. You can make for example following items using nalbinding: socks, mittens, hats, mobile bags, even sweaters and other interesting things.  

Nalbinding is not an easy technique to learn. Men have said: “First there’s a great mess of yarn and then all of the sudden there is a sock!”. Due to this do not come to workshop with high hopes — first you have to learn the stich and other tricks.

Cost of material: a very good quality bone needle is 3 euros and 50 cents (we can loan it too, however). The yarn cost is almost non-existent. The teaching fee is very flexible and negotiable.

Good lighting conditions are needed.

Duration: 3-4 hours, but a shorter workshop is also possible.


Mobile: +372 551 8048


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