How to choose?

How to find a workshop best suited to my needs?

To make it easier for you we will try to categorize our workshops. Also, although we don’t have separate sections for them yet, you can order from us Viking Age fighting demos, presentations of Viking/Iron Age clothing and lectures covering such topics as Estonian Iron Age/Viking Age, different handicraft and their history.

Our workshops can be categorized in different ways.

By material:

1) Metal

2) Leather

3) Textile

4) Toy weapons

  • Boffer swords

Under every workshop you’ll find its needs. Textile usually needs only good lighting. Boffer swords can also be made outdoors. Metal workshops would be very happy to have electricity, but it’s not a crucial (except wax models).

Workshops can also be divided according to the age of participants.

From 10 years of age most workshops should be fitting — although in some workshops patience is of great importance. Metal workshops need a parental consent in case the participant is under age (adult accompaning the child would be even better).

For children under 10 years of age we have created special formats.

At the moment we offer them:

  1. Making boffer swords — very popular among small boys and girls.
  2. Adapted tablet weaving — child can try making the pattern and make him- or herself a tablet woven decorative wrist-band.
  3. Patterning a pendant or brooch — look at variant 1 to get an idea.
  4. Patterning a leather wrist band or sign — to learn more about how patterned leather looks like, look under belt pouch.

It is also possible to order from us book binding (japanese technique and others) and different lecture and demos.

If you have wishes or questions please contac us by writing to


calling Elo: +372 551 8048.

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