Tablet Weaving

Tablet-woven belt made by one of our participants, Marju.

Tablet weaving (archaic and traditional)

We teach both beginners and advanced pupils. We instruct participants in either archaic 2-hole technique or more traditional 4-hole technique.

NB! We also teach kids! They can make a wrist band. That workshop version is easier for participants, but still takes time and patience.

NB2! We also do historical tablet weaving demos.

Participant will get an overview of tablet weaving theory and practical tricks. It is also possible to consult us afterwards for free — we are very friendly and don’t bite. For that purpose we have created a mailing list, if you are interested to join, let us know.

Material cost for 15-20 participants is approximately 20 euros (yarn + cardbord for beginner-tablets).  Each participant gets a tablet set to take home. Materials and tools are provided by us. Teaching fee is flexible and can be negotiated. 

Workshop needs a place where we can bind the participants to something — one end of yarns is attached to the belt of the participant, other to for example a strong table-leg, radiator or tree etc. Good lighting is needed.

Duration 3-4 hours.


Mobile: +372 551 8048

An archaic tablet-woven belt inspired by Siksälä findings, author Liiwi aka Ivika Karlson.


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